David Williams

Magician / Evangelist

Part of the outreach of Meltdown Christian Ministries

David uses natural principles, slight of hand and misdirection to produce amazing magical effects. He is a theatrical magician using his skills for the sharing of biblical truth.

He is director of Meltdown Music Ministries who are members of the Evangelical Alliance

Performing GOSPEL MAGIC is a very different and exciting way to visually teach BIBLE TRUTHS to children and adults alike.

Sixty five percent of us are visual learners, according to the Social Science Research Network. This is why visual aids such as magic tricks help us to remember what we were taught.

David is a very experienced magician with over 30 years experience of working with children and adults alike. He holds 5 teaching qualifications and has taught professionally in FE colleges. For the past 30 years he has overseen the work of Meltdown Christian Ministries who are members of the Evangelical Alliance. He is a Christian author, seminar speaker and bible teacher. All your church meetings can be enhanced with a touch of magic.

David is a member of the Elim Pentecostal Church and is currently a member of the Elim family at Stafford where he regularly uses his magic skills in various meetings and events.

David is a member of the UK Fellowship of Christian Magicians and of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. His evangelistic magic shows are part of the outreach of Meltdown Christian Ministries.

David delivers main church meetings incorporating magic and mystery to enhance biblical teachings.

Messy church meetings take on a whole new level of engagement and interaction.

From Sunday school to young adults. Magic is a great way to engage with young people

Men's and ladies fellowship meetings take on a whole new concept.

Curry nights, fellowship meals, cell group visits.

Church fun days can be enhanced with magic and balloon modelling.

CHILDREN LOVE MAGIC:  Magic tricks excite and interest kids because it engages their minds and creativity. Kids never attribute any 'power' to a magician, they always assume it's 'up their sleeve' or something. David has over 15 years of experience using magic tricks to engage children.

Most bible stories can be told with the use of entertaining interactive magic. Some of the props used have been specially designed with bible stories in mind. All Christian celebrations such as Easter, Christmas or Pentecost together with special days like Mothers Day or Valentines Day can all be enhanced for your children with the use of magic.

But magic for children need not be confined to special days or celebrations. David can take sunday school lessons, family services or a childrenís slot in the main service before he delivers Godís word to the main congregation (also maybe using magic).

Children need to enjoy attending church and a Christian magician is an excellent way of giving them a great time while leaving them with a message that they will never forget.

International Brotherhood Of Magicians Membership

David would love to discuss your exact needs around your event.
Why not give him a call?
Tel : 01785 606035
Mobile : 07901 526638
Email : dave@meltdownmusic.co.uk

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